We Couldn’t Believe It!

Today we visited the woods. As most of you know it’s our favourite place to explore, play and unwind. We never get bored with the woods as there is always something new to discover. Each time we go, there are little changes that make it a whole new playground. Nature is always renovating its landscape.

We spent extra time in the woods today at Ava’s request for her birthday. We got up to lots! We played with our new go find it cards (post reviewing the cards can be seen by clicking here).

We also managed to feed the squirrels! This is by far one of our favourite things to do when visiting the woods. It’s not always possible as they only tend to come out in the early morning. It was about eleven so we were really surprised to see them.

How adorable is this little squirrel!? I feel so grateful to have been able to get so close to these beautiful animals.

We were also lucky enough to spot some more exotic wildlife… Wild parakeets high in the trees! We couldn’t believe it! We live in London so we were really surprised to see a such brightly coloured birds! It turns out that there’s quite a few of them in the UK as they’re the only parrot to be naturalised in this country! So keep your eyes peeled next time you’re out as you may be lucky enough to see one of these beautiful birds! What’s the most colourful or exotic animal you’ve seen in the wild?

And look what is almost fully formed on the trees! We’re super excited that autumn is just around the corner! It’s our favourite season! The season to cosy up with hot drinks and craft lots. We can’t tell you how excited we are!

What’s your favourite season? Are you looking forward to Autumn? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to share your photos of what you have been getting up to this weekend over on our facebook page too! Once again, we hope you’re enjoying this wonderful bank holiday weekend!


It’s been a while since I last posted as we have spent the last week in Cornwall.

I really love Cornwall, it’s my favourite place. It is so magical. There is so much diversity – from white sandy beaches, to fertile green forests!

We took this holiday to celebrate Ava’s first official year of home education.


We had fun on the beach. We went in search of shells, rocks and of course… Crabs!




We visited St. Ives, where they have the tastiest Cornish pasties!


We visited St. Nectans Glen. If you are ever in Cornwall then this little treasure is bucket list worthy! It is the most magical place I have ever been to.




We had such a wonderful week together. I don’t know many children that build sandcastles and play in waterfalls during their first week of school.

I feel so grateful to be able to home educate. I’m looking forward to many more magical moments with my beautiful children.


100 years since WW1

This week, it has been 100 years since World War One. To mark the centenary of the First World War, we took a trip to the RAF museum.



The RAF museum is such a fantastic place. We are so lucky to have so many free educational places to visit in London! Ava is a bit too young to understand the world war, but she did learn a lot about planes and how they work.

She really enjoyed pretending to be a pilot!




We plan to do some arts and crafts over the next few days surrounding what we learnt today.

The RAF museum is a definite must for any plane, army or vehicle enthusiasts!

If you go into the woods today…

We have been having such a wonderful time in these last few days. Having Ava all to myself, watching her learn and play has been just perfect!


Today we went to Epping Forest, it was our first time going – it was beautiful! I just love British scenery and wildlife.

We met up with some other HE families.
(I cannot stress enough the importance of social networking sites to make these outings possible.)
It was so nice to watch the children explore the great outdoors together. They loved climbing the old fallen trees and didn’t seem to get bored of throwing pebbles into the ponds. Ava loved trying to chase the dragon flies too. It was a great outing and it was really nice to meet the other families.

Now we’re home, snuggled up with a chocolate milkshake watching a bit of tv before I get on with the housework. Snuggling up to my girls is just pure bliss. I never want these wonderful days and adventures to end.