Kindness: a priceless commodity

This week we have been busy making a beautiful lantern to compliment our kindness pot.


Every time somebody does something kind, whether that is us or someone outside of our family who may do something kind for us, we write it on a small piece of paper and then fold it up into the pot.

Each week we will light the kindness lantern and empty the pot and go through all the kind things that happened that week. It gives us all an opportunity to reflect on something that is so important but sadly forgotten in this day and age due to our busy, stressful lives taking over.

Why not have a go at making your own kindness lantern? All you will need is an old jar, coloured tissue paper, watered down craft glue and a paintbrush. It’s great messy fun!



Kindness doesn’t have to cost a penny. It is a precious, priceless commodity that we should all instill into our little people. It can be something as simple as holding a door open for someone or leaving a loving message in your child’s packed lunch for them to discover as a surprise. Why not try it? Sit down and have a think of all the priceless acts of kindness you can achieve, then go ahead and put them into action.

Below are some ideas to get you started:

  • Help an elderly neighbour carry shopping home.
  • Leave a kind uplifting message in a library book for a stranger to discover.
  • Leave out some water in your garden on a hot day for thirsty animals.
  • Offer a friend help with their housework.
  • Donate unwanted belongings to people in need.
  • Make a packed lunch for a homeless person.

Sit back afterwards and watch what happens. There’s nothing more magical and rewarding than seeing what kindness can do for a fellow being.