How To Clean Block Crayons

Am I the only one that loves block crayons but hates how dirty they get?

Ours had gotten so speckled with the other colours, they just didn’t work the same. We would use the yellow and we would end up getting little streaks of green, brown, black and… you get the idea!

Anyway this is just a quick post to share how to clean them as I was honestly worried that we would have to buy a new set they were so dirty! I didn’t think they could be saved – if that’s what you’re thinking then don’t worry because it’s easy to get them good as new!

All you’ll need is some kind of oil and an old cloth of some kind (I used a flannel and sunflower oil).

Simply put the oil on the cloth and wipe the crayons and they’ll be good as new again. It’s really that simple!

And just look how pretty the flannel went!

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Goldilocks And Just The One Bear

“Goldilocks and just the one bear? But Mummy, there are three!”

This morning Ava read and reviewed the book Goldilocks And Just The One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson. The story is about a little bear who gets lost in the city, only to stumble upon Goldilocks’ house!

This story is cleverly written and really funny, it’s a great spin on the original fairy tale. Ava laughed a lot through the whole thing and I think other children will find this story amusing too! If you want to buy this book for your children then click here. I highly recommend it – even I thoroughly enjoyed the story! It’s not too long-winded, it’s really entertaining and it is jam-packed full of beautiful illustrations.

We used a free printout from Twinkl for Ava to review this book. We love using this template for all of our book reviews. It’s so engaging! If you want to have a go with your children then you can get this template by clicking here. I find that getting Ava to do these book reviews is an effective and enjoyable way for her to practice reading, writing, critical thinking and comprehension skills. It also encourages her creative side as she loves to draw!

There’s been quite a bit of formal learning this morning and now we will enjoy the rest of our day together. The weather is a bit gloomy here today so we will cosy up and play some board games and perhaps do some baking together. (No doubt Ava will play some Minecraft as well!) All still educational but a little less formal. Perhaps we will head out if the weather perks up.

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Exciting Update

So we have some exciting news to share with you all! To make things a bit more diverse and interesting we have decided that in September we will be setting up our very own YouTube channel! On our channel we will upload videos once a week – what sort of thing would you like to see? We were thinking of doing some general vlogs now and then of what we do in a day, ‘cook with me’ videos, family board game reviews and perhaps some general topic discussions. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Here are some little snippets of what we’ve been up to this week. We’ve been enjoying the gorgeous weather, meeting up with wonderful friends.

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Allotment: Wiggling Worms

For the past few weeks we have been spending lots of time at the allotment, enjoying the gorgeous weather and spending time with friends. It’s been a bit cold for the past few days so I thought it was about time I posted again!

With the allotment we have been learning as we go and this week we have been looking at making our own compost.


We made a compost bin and discussed how compost is made. I decided to purchase a wormery so the girls could see for themselves at home how worms help the composting process.



We also looked at some really interesting books called Wiggling Worms at Work and Yucky Worms. Both books are very informative but if you’re looking for something with a bit more of a story to it then Yucky Worms is probably the better one to get out of the two.

We are very much engrossed in our allotment at the moment and it’s so rewarding watching it come together. We’re looking forward to it being a relaxing space to spend time in as well as getting to eat our very own grown vegetables!

Do you have an allotment? Or a space outside (or inside) where you grow vegetables? We would love to see them so please feel free to share over on our Facebook page.

Allotment: The Beginning

So last year we took on an allotment. I was unable to do much with it at the time as I was heavily pregnant but because they are so hard to come by I couldn’t turn down the offer when one became available.

Now I’m not pregnant anymore I’m excited to get started on creating a magical space for us to relax on stressful days.




This is just a quick post to start tracking our progress. I’ve included some pictures from last year when we started as an introduction point. I really feel that gardening is one of those skills that all children should have the opportunity to learn – knowing how to grow your own food is just as important as knowing how to cook it!

We found and carefully removed a few frogs while we were weeding our plot. I’m hoping to build a pond for the wildlife at some point. Having a pond with frogs is very useful for controlling the slugs without having to use nasty pesticides.


We hope you’re all well. If you have an allotment or a garden then please do share your ideas over on our Facebook page! We would love to see your spaces for inspiration!


As a lot of you know, last year was a very quiet year for us on the blog. I was expecting a beautiful little boy and pregancy wasn’t easy. I suffered from a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum, (also referred to as HG by many sufferers) you can get more information on the condition by clicking here.

Despite it being the toughest pregnancy I have ever experienced, he was worth every second of suffering!

Anyway, I’ve been waiting to share these photos with you all for a while now.

Here is our beautiful baby. Elliot.






My little ‘Elliot Bear’ – looking forward to all of the fun years ahead of us, beautiful boy.

The photos were taken by a fantastic woman and photographer called Ruth Bloch.  Please head over to her page and give her a thumbs up as she is just such an amazing photographer and wonderful human being! I’m not affiliated with her at all, I am just one genuinely happy customer. She managed to squeeze us in despite her busy schedule and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Blossom Trees

Last week we made the most of the sunshine. On rainier days we have been doing some craft to celebrate the spring. On our spring time walks last week we noticed beautiful blossom on the trees so we thought it would be the peferct inspiration for today’s craft activity.


All you will need is some brown wool, pink tissue paper, glue and a piece of paper/card.



This is a simple and inexpensive craft that will keep the little ones occupied on a rainy day. We would love to see your artwork so please do share over on our Facebook page.

Earth Day 2016

Wishing you all a wonderful Earth Day. We wanted to share some of our crafts that we did earlier on.

We started our day by making handprint Earths. On one side of the Earth the girls placed their handprints and on the other side they drew a picture about ways to protect the planet.



We briefly touched on the Earth’s layers. You can print this worksheet from Twinkl.


We also made coffee filter Earths. The girls loved how magical this activity was – we will definitely be using coffee filters for future crafts.


These lovely decorations look so beautiful on a window. They will brighten up any home for Earth Day.


We will be spending the end of our day with board games, books and popcorn.

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If you would like more information on Earth Day and what it’s all about then please click here.