Go Find It!

The woods is our favourite place in the whole world! 

It has the power to engulf you with it’s lush tall trees and winding branches! Your imagination can run wild with it’s many secret pathways and hidden treasures! It’s like being encapsulated in a completely new world. 

With all this being said, we thought it was the perfect place to play with our new go find it cards.

Go find it cards are an outdoor treasure hunt, there is a descriptive word on each card. The aim of the game is to pick 3 cards at random and find an object that fits all three descriptions. There are 33 different descriptive cards so the possibilities are endless. 

For Emily, who is still young, we just gave her one card to hunt with. They were so much fun to play with, they really encouraged the girls to be even more explorative than they already are.

I imagine these cards can be used anywhere. Where is your favourite place? Perhaps it’s your local park or the beach. Wherever it is, why not have a go at playing with some go find it cards and turn anywhere into an adventurous game! You can buy the cards featured in this post by clicking here.

We hope you are having a wonderful bank holiday weekend! What have you been getting up to?

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