Things might be quiet for a while…

Just a quick post to apologise in advance. We may not post over the next few weeks while we plan curriculum, crafts and of course set up our YouTube channel. 

Soon as we’re back, we will post content on here at least once a week! 

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We Couldn’t Believe It!

Today we visited the woods. As most of you know it’s our favourite place to explore, play and unwind. We never get bored with the woods as there is always something new to discover. Each time we go, there are little changes that make it a whole new playground. Nature is always renovating its landscape.

We spent extra time in the woods today at Ava’s request for her birthday. We got up to lots! We played with our new go find it cards (post reviewing the cards can be seen by clicking here).

We also managed to feed the squirrels! This is by far one of our favourite things to do when visiting the woods. It’s not always possible as they only tend to come out in the early morning. It was about eleven so we were really surprised to see them.

How adorable is this little squirrel!? I feel so grateful to have been able to get so close to these beautiful animals.

We were also lucky enough to spot some more exotic wildlife… Wild parakeets high in the trees! We couldn’t believe it! We live in London so we were really surprised to see a such brightly coloured birds! It turns out that there’s quite a few of them in the UK as they’re the only parrot to be naturalised in this country! So keep your eyes peeled next time you’re out as you may be lucky enough to see one of these beautiful birds! What’s the most colourful or exotic animal you’ve seen in the wild?

And look what is almost fully formed on the trees! We’re super excited that autumn is just around the corner! It’s our favourite season! The season to cosy up with hot drinks and craft lots. We can’t tell you how excited we are!

What’s your favourite season? Are you looking forward to Autumn? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to share your photos of what you have been getting up to this weekend over on our facebook page too! Once again, we hope you’re enjoying this wonderful bank holiday weekend!

Go Find It!

The woods is our favourite place in the whole world! 

It has the power to engulf you with it’s lush tall trees and winding branches! Your imagination can run wild with it’s many secret pathways and hidden treasures! It’s like being encapsulated in a completely new world. 

With all this being said, we thought it was the perfect place to play with our new go find it cards.

Go find it cards are an outdoor treasure hunt, there is a descriptive word on each card. The aim of the game is to pick 3 cards at random and find an object that fits all three descriptions. There are 33 different descriptive cards so the possibilities are endless. 

For Emily, who is still young, we just gave her one card to hunt with. They were so much fun to play with, they really encouraged the girls to be even more explorative than they already are.

I imagine these cards can be used anywhere. Where is your favourite place? Perhaps it’s your local park or the beach. Wherever it is, why not have a go at playing with some go find it cards and turn anywhere into an adventurous game! You can buy the cards featured in this post by clicking here.

We hope you are having a wonderful bank holiday weekend! What have you been getting up to?

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How To Clean Block Crayons

Am I the only one that loves block crayons but hates how dirty they get?

Ours had gotten so speckled with the other colours, they just didn’t work the same. We would use the yellow and we would end up getting little streaks of green, brown, black and… you get the idea!

Anyway this is just a quick post to share how to clean them as I was honestly worried that we would have to buy a new set they were so dirty! I didn’t think they could be saved – if that’s what you’re thinking then don’t worry because it’s easy to get them good as new!

All you’ll need is some kind of oil and an old cloth of some kind (I used a flannel and sunflower oil).

Simply put the oil on the cloth and wipe the crayons and they’ll be good as new again. It’s really that simple!

And just look how pretty the flannel went!

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We hope you’re having a wonderful week so far.

Goldilocks And Just The One Bear

“Goldilocks and just the one bear? But Mummy, there are three!”

This morning Ava read and reviewed the book Goldilocks And Just The One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson. The story is about a little bear who gets lost in the city, only to stumble upon Goldilocks’ house!

This story is cleverly written and really funny, it’s a great spin on the original fairy tale. Ava laughed a lot through the whole thing and I think other children will find this story amusing too! If you want to buy this book for your children then click here. I highly recommend it – even I thoroughly enjoyed the story! It’s not too long-winded, it’s really entertaining and it is jam-packed full of beautiful illustrations.

We used a free printout from Twinkl for Ava to review this book. We love using this template for all of our book reviews. It’s so engaging! If you want to have a go with your children then you can get this template by clicking here. I find that getting Ava to do these book reviews is an effective and enjoyable way for her to practice reading, writing, critical thinking and comprehension skills. It also encourages her creative side as she loves to draw!

There’s been quite a bit of formal learning this morning and now we will enjoy the rest of our day together. The weather is a bit gloomy here today so we will cosy up and play some board games and perhaps do some baking together. (No doubt Ava will play some Minecraft as well!) All still educational but a little less formal. Perhaps we will head out if the weather perks up.

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We hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. What have you been up to? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share your photos over on our Facebook page!

Exciting Update

So we have some exciting news to share with you all! To make things a bit more diverse and interesting we have decided that in September we will be setting up our very own YouTube channel! On our channel we will upload videos once a week – what sort of thing would you like to see? We were thinking of doing some general vlogs now and then of what we do in a day, ‘cook with me’ videos, family board game reviews and perhaps some general topic discussions. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Here are some little snippets of what we’ve been up to this week. We’ve been enjoying the gorgeous weather, meeting up with wonderful friends.

What have you been up to lately? We hope you’re all doing well and do be sure to like our Facebook page. Soon as we have set up our YouTube channel we will give you the links. We are really looking forward to sharing our journey on a more personal level with you all.