Allotment: Wiggling Worms

For the past few weeks we have been spending lots of time at the allotment, enjoying the gorgeous weather and spending time with friends. It’s been a bit cold for the past few days so I thought it was about time I posted again!

With the allotment we have been learning as we go and this week we have been looking at making our own compost.


We made a compost bin and discussed how compost is made. I decided to purchase a wormery so the girls could see for themselves at home how worms help the composting process.



We also looked at some really interesting books called Wiggling Worms at Work and Yucky Worms. Both books are very informative but if you’re looking for something with a bit more of a story to it then Yucky Worms is probably the better one to get out of the two.

We are very much engrossed in our allotment at the moment and it’s so rewarding watching it come together. We’re looking forward to it being a relaxing space to spend time in as well as getting to eat our very own grown vegetables!

Do you have an allotment? Or a space outside (or inside) where you grow vegetables? We would love to see them so please feel free to share over on our Facebook page.

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