Allotment: The Beginning

So last year we took on an allotment. I was unable to do much with it at the time as I was heavily pregnant but because they are so hard to come by I couldn’t turn down the offer when one became available.

Now I’m not pregnant anymore I’m excited to get started on creating a magical space for us to relax on stressful days.




This is just a quick post to start tracking our progress. I’ve included some pictures from last year when we started as an introduction point. I really feel that gardening is one of those skills that all children should have the opportunity to learn – knowing how to grow your own food is just as important as knowing how to cook it!

We found and carefully removed a few frogs while we were weeding our plot. I’m hoping to build a pond for the wildlife at some point. Having a pond with frogs is very useful for controlling the slugs without having to use nasty pesticides.


We hope you’re all well. If you have an allotment or a garden then please do share your ideas over on our Facebook page! We would love to see your spaces for inspiration!

4 thoughts on “Allotment: The Beginning

    • Thank you. It’s four poles I believe. That’s the plan as I think it would be very overwhelming if I was to clear the whole thing first. For now the weeded sections have been covered with weed suppression fabric, until I know what to plant etc.

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