Ditching The Classroom


The one thing I love about home education the most is the fact that learning doesn’t have to take place indoors. While I love our cosy days in with board games, documentaries and craft, I also love the fact that as soon as we wake up and see the sun, we can just decide that we will venture out for the day. Even if it’s raining there are still adventures to be had away from a desk. Learning can take place everywhere and anywhere!

This week we can feel Summer approaching. This morning we woke up once again to the glorious sun shining through our windows. As soon as we were up and dressed, we decided to ditch the ‘classroom’ and take our books (and our breakfast!) to the park. I can’t believe how warm it was, especially with it being so early!


I always have resources planned for this kind of thing and I decided we could take a picnic and explore this wonderful season properly. We used some great Springtime printouts from Twinkl which I will share below.



We also went on a minibeast hunt and discovered lots of different flowers and plants. We used our Usborne Flower Spotters Guide and Usborne Insect Spotters Guide to help us. If you aren’t able to get copies of the books, then see the links below to the printouts available on Twinkl.


We were also lucky enough to find masses of large pine cones where we were! The girls had lots of fun collecting them.



What have you been up to this week? We hope you’ve been enjoying this gorgeous weather – it’s been amazing! Please share all your adventures over on our Facebook page and don’t forget to follow our blog if you would like to keep up to date with our journey.

Below I have included the links to some Springtime themed worksheets.

Mini Beast Checklist
Flower Hunt Checklist
Spring Nature Walk Writing Frame
Minibeast Colour by Number Addition and Subtraction Up to 10
Minibeast Colouring Sheets

Most of the links we provide in our posts are helpful resources that are free of charge. Some of the links in this blog are affiliated and if you buy products using the links provided it helps our family. We are very grateful to those who use the links we provide.

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