This week we’ve been looking at colours and discovering what primary colours make which secondary and tertiary colours.

We have prepared an activity for each day of the week. If you don’t home educate and don’t have much time in the evenings then you can always pick one or two of the activities below to do over the weekend or during school holidays. They were great fun and we are sure your children will love them too!

Day 1:
We started off the week by reading a book called ‘Colours’ by Patrick George. This book is fantastic and so engaging! The acetate pages make this such a magical book for young children and adults alike – yes, I genuinely enjoyed this book! It’s perfect for teaching children about colour mixing, it’s a must have for anyone’s bookshelf!


We then played a colour memory game using the Spielgaben. You can click here to view this activity in more detail.


Day 2:
Today we explored mixing colours by pretending to be scientists. Ava had so much fun with this activity.



We mixed coloured water in measuring jugs and test tubes to discover what primary colours made which secondary and tertiary colours.



I recommend this activity for children aged 5+ simply because there is a lot of fiddly apparatus that a younger child would probably struggle with. Having said that, the ability of the child matters more than their age as every child is unique.

I have a toddler friendly version for those who would still like to do this experiment with their younger ones. Click here for details on that activity.

Day 3:
We used the Spielgaben for today’s activity which you can see in more detail by clicking here.

Day 4:  Today we played a game called ‘Dotty Dinosaurs’ – this is a game that teaches colours and shapes (there is a shape version on the reverse of each board) but we just focused on colours this time. The objective of the game is to be the first to collect all the coloured spots of your dinosaur.



Nothing beats playing games together as a family. I can’t wait for the days where the children can play more board games. Having said that I’m not wishing their childhood away because deep down I never want these days to end!

Day 5:
To finish off this week’s topic we recapped on the book called ‘Colours’ by Patrick George. We also recapped on all of this week’s activities and discussed what colours we need to mix together to make certain secondary and tertiary colours.



We then explored mixing colours together by using watercolour paints. I decided the best way to explore colour mixing with the girls was to set them a little challenge; to paint a rainbow using only the three primary colours!


We hope you all enjoyed this weeks topic!
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