Colours Experiment: Toddler Version

So as part of our week exploring colours on day two, we conducted an experiment on mixing coloured water. The original version can be seen by clicking here and scrolling down to Day 2.

This is the toddler version and I would recommend this for children aged 3+ although your child may be able to do this experiment earlier than this depending on their ability.


All you will need is 3 bottles of colored water in the primary colours, a large glass, a large jug or bowl (for waste) and a towel just incase there are any spills (which there will be!)

We started off by holding the bottles up towards sunlight, we held one bottle in front of the other to discover what colours would appear. In fact this would be perfect for children from 12 months upwards – just make sure they are supervised and the lids are fastened tightly!


We discussed primary colors and which combinations made secondary colours.


We also briefly explored tertiary colours.



Emily had so much fun doing this experiment! So much so that we did it all over again!

We hope your little ones will enjoy this activity too. Please share your experiences over on our Facebook page. Also please follow this blog and like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our journey.

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