Spielgaben: Activity 2

As part of our Spielgaben series this week, we have been exploring colours.

In this activity children will learn colour recognition as well as fine motor skills. This activity in particular is designed to improve the muscles in the hands used for writing.

I would recommend this activity for children aged 3+ but obviously it doesn’t matter what age your child is as your knowledge on their ability will be more relevant.


All you will need is six small pieces of card in various colours, a pair of children’s chopsticks (which you can buy here) and various wooden points from the number 10 Spielgaben drawer in the colours matching your coloured card.

The objective is simple; encourage the child to place the coloured points on the matching pieces of card using the chopsticks.



For older children, you could count all the points on each card and make a bar chart on a separate piece of paper.

Both Ava and Emily thoroughly enjoyed this activity and were engaged in the learning experience. If you don’t have a spielgaben then try the same thing with miniature pompoms, beads or buttons from your local craft store. We would love to see your children having fun with the activities we share so please feel free to share your photos over on our Facebook page.

Please follow our blog to keep up to date with our journey and discover more ideas of how to use the Spielgaben.

Click here to see the out-takes of today’s activity. Life with my little ones is crazier than it looks!

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