Spielgaben: Activity 1

We would love to start sharing some activities with you all using our beautiful Spielgaben. This learning resource is a true work of art! It opens up so many opportunities of learning and I think that’s why it’s a favourite in our home, we use it with the majority of our projects to encourage fun learning and creativity. If you would like more information on the Spielgaben then just click here.


As part of our Spielgaben series this week, we have been looking at colours.

Today’s Spielgaben activity is a memory game. You will need the knitted balls from drawer number 1 of the spielgaben. This activity encourages colour recognition, logic and memory.

I would recommend this activity for children ages 3+ but obviously what matters most is the ability of your child, you will know if your little one is able to play this game.


We started by pointing at the balls in the tray, naming each colour. I asked Emily to close her eyes and while doing so I removed a coloured ball from the tray and hid it securely in my hands (you could hide it with an opaque cup if you wanted). When she opened her eyes I asked the questions ‘Which colour is missing? Which colour is in my hands?’ She then looked at the tray and worked out which one was missing.




This is such a simple game but a very affective way of teaching children about colours and improving their memory.

If you don’t have a Spielgaben then how about doing this activity with bean bags, coloured socks or pom poms. You could even make your own pom poms using different coloured yarns.

We would love to see your photos. If you would like to share then head over to our Facebook page and post your versions on there. Please feel free to comment and give us feedback as we love to hear from our followers. Don’t forget to follow our blog if you want to keep up to date with our journey and please like us on Facebook too.

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