Boredom cards

‘Mummy! I’m so bored!’
A phrase that I hear a lot in my house; despite my girls having an abundance of learning resources, books, toys and attention, they still seem to suffer from boredom.
In some cases, boredom can be a gift; it can be the fuse that channels the spark of creativity and imagination. In other cases, boredom can be so intense that the child just can’t seem to escape the rut and this can lead to restlessness and frustration.

Ava can get bored very easily and tends to move from one task onto another, within minutes. There has been a few occasions where boredom has dominated the day and every suggestion that I made was rejected – for my daughter to still grumble the words ‘I’m bored’.

This is where the boredom cards come in! Here they are.


But, how do they work? I hear you ask.

If I hear Ava mutters the words ‘I’m bored’ I get the boredom cards out, place them all face down and then she selects a card at random.
I think she’s more open to a suggestion that comes from (in her mind) a ‘game’.
For example, if I had just suggested to draw a picture she would be less interested than if she picked the activity at random. It seems to make suggestions fun and from the child’s perspective, they chose the activity of their own free will.

Below I have written some examples of the activities within our boredom cards but you can put whatever you like on your boredom cards, depending on your child’s hobbies.

  1. Read a book
  2. Draw a picture
  3. Potato printing
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Play in the garden
  6. Take care of baby dolls
  7. Build a den
  8. Play hide and seek
  9. Play a board game
  10. Learn something new
  11. Bake cakes
  12. Make someone a card
  13. Dance to some music
  14. Dress up
  15. Have a teddy bears picnic
  16. Create a puppet show
  17. Build with blocks
  18. Play ‘Shop’
  19. Make music
  20. Play with playdough

To make the boredom cards, I used editable templates from

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