Happy Halloween!

I didn’t manage to get many snaps today (we’ve been so busy) but we’ve had a fun day!



We didn’t do any baking this year as Emily has needed me a lot more this past week; she doesn’t cope very well with teething.

We still managed to carve pumpkins and make a delicious pumpkin stew.

We got all dressed up and went trick-or-treating and then came home to be the barer of treats. Ava loved rushing to the door to hand out sweets to all the children.

Once sweet Emily was tucked up in bed, I was able to help Ava with her Halloween Toucan Box – I’ll be writing a separate blog soon, reviewing how wonderful these little boxes are!



Happy Halloween everyone!

Monkey Platter!

I wanted to share our monkey platter with you.


It is simply just a platter of fresh fruit and vegetables. While the girls sit and eat their breakfast, I prepare the platter. Once served, the girls will snack on the platter freely throughout the day.

I find from leaving the platter out, for the girls to snack on freely, we see less tantrums and fall outs throughout the day.


It doesn’t take long for tiny hands to whisk away a little treat to nibble on.