Bird feeders


Living in a city can mean we can become disconnected from nature a little. I long for the day where my children can live alongside nature and run free in the countryside, just like I did as a child. For now though, I accept we are in the city – but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and add nature into our lives. In our concrete jungle, there are some hidden wonders – it’s just about using our imagination and thinking about how we can bring mother nature to us and surround ourselves with her beauty!

Each week, we plan to get creative and use the natural world around us.

We start this week by making pine cone bird feeders. This is a really easy and simply craft activity that young and old alike can enjoy. My eldest daughter is almost 4 and she absolutely loved making these!

You will need:
Pine cones
Bird seeds – these can be found at any large supermarket down the pet isle
A spoon – optional – feel free to get messy with your hands!


To make:

1. Weave and tie some wool around your pine cone.

2. Spread the lard thickly and evenly, all over the pine cone.

3. Roll the lardy pine cone in the bird seeds.

4. Hang your bird feeders.

It really is as simple as that! Try it and let us know how you got on! We would love to see pictures of your bird feeders!




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