Keep calm and carry on

I feel so blessed to have two wonderful children.
Ava makes me laugh so much. Today, she was putting her mittens on her feet – pretending to be a monkey. Emily has started laughing when she sees me and Ava being silly together and she is just so cuddly too! I just feel so grateful for the bond we all have. Today has been a good day. We haven’t done any learning as such but it has still been fun!

Being at the very beginning of our journey I am still learning all the time. It’s so hard (in an emotional sense) at times. I keep telling myself to relax as the the beauty of home education is to take things slow but I also fret because I feel everyone is waiting for me to fail. I get waves of ‘what the hell am I doing, am I doing the right thing?’ followed by the sickening worry of friends and family judging me. I’m scared of doing it all wrong.

To be honest though, the majority of my everyday friends have been so supportive – it has surprised me and inspired me. It helps me keep going as I think if everyone was against me I would just give up out of fear of being judged and criticised.

I just need to trust myself and the advice of other home educators that relaxing and going with the flow, taking each day as it comes will work out. I mean… What’s the point in home schooling if I’m just going to mimic a school setting? I think it’s more myself that needs a strict timetable and lesson plans if I’m honest. I haven’t implemented any lessons yet, however Ava has learned loads. Just yesterday night after her bedtime story she began talking about her heart and what it does (she had learnt that from a documentary we watched together.)

At the moment we just read together, watch documentaries together, play together, make together and cook together. She seems to be learning a fair amount so why fix something that’s not broke, right?
I have to say I think I would go mad if I couldn’t write this blog. Just because seeing it all in writing puts it into perspective and helps me break it down in to simple terms that I can understand as sometimes my mind feels overloaded with too many hypothetical scenarios. I just need to keep calm and carry on!

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