The ‘Calm me down’ basket

The girls are fast asleep, so I wanted to share our ‘calm me down’ basket. This basket is loaded and ready for when I feel a tantrum is brewing! I personally find once Ava is in a full blown tantrum, nearly every parenting tool is less effective. I am more for prevention than cure. If I can see my little one getting ratty, I will just take myself to our cozy corner and ask her to join me. We then have a rummage through the basket of goodies!


Our basket has:
A pack of snap cards, our homemade glitter bottle, a cuddly elephant toy and several educational/moralistic books such as –
‘All Kinds of Feelings’
‘Hands Are Not For Hitting’
‘Guess How Much I Love You’
‘Understand and Care’
‘1001 Animals to Spot’

I will be adding more books as we go along. I will also be adding a calm task jar when Ava is a bit older and able to read. The jar is basically filled with ideas of how to calm down, they are written on small pieces of card – another fab idea from ‘here we are together’.



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