Its all so exciting!

I don’t know what it’s like for other families (in the initial stages) that plan to home educate but I keep getting rushes of excitement! I feel so liberated already – and it’s only just the beginning!

At the moment I’m just planning what I’m going to teach and how I’m going to do it. I’ve decided we won’t be following the national curriculum but we will eventually have semi-structured lessons, at the moment we are learning through play and day-to-day life. My main priority is teaching Ava to read, write and learn the value of numbers. There’s some great books on how to go about it.


I’ve been reading ‘The Well-Trained Mind’ by Jessie Wise, I’ve also ordered ‘The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading’ by Jessie Wise which has step-by-step lesson plans. The book shown above has quashed all my fears of whether I can or can’t home educate, which makes me feel even more excitement! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering home educating!

Since pulling Ava out of nursery (two weeks ago) I have seen a massive difference in her attitude, behaviour and interests already. She seems more open and interested in learning, she will often ask
“What does that word say?” when looking at books.
She will comment on objects and say
“That’s the bin, it begins with the letter B.”
Overall, our ‘trial run’ is going well, it’s helping me realise how great teaching her myself will be. Even though a few good friends have been very supportive of my intentions to home educate, I’ve also had a fair amount of judgemental, disapproving comments. However, I am so confident this will work that I don’t mind what people think or say anymore. I’m just ridiculously excited!

One thought on “Its all so exciting!

  1. Awesome! I home school my 4 crazies and we love it. There are days that are absolutely mind-bogglingly frustrating! BUT at the end of the day and I look at my babies (10, 8, 6, 6,) I know that it’s all been worth it!

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