My top 10 reasons for homeschooling

1. Consistency: by having one teacher, they will have consistent values and discipline being modeled. They won’t have numerous teachers confusing them by handling good and bad behaviour in different ways.

2. They can be themselves: if they want to listen to Elton John or Mozart, they can do so. They wont need to follow the latest trends just to fit in, to protect themselves from bullies etc. They can be true themselves, take pleasure in geniune interests and feel comfortable and confident about who they really are.

3. Child takes the lead: we work at their own pace. If they have mastered something, then we can move on. If they are struggling, we can slow down and perfect a subject. So no being forced to move on or hold back because of the national curriculum.

4. More relaxed, less stress: no being compared to peers. No being made to feel bad if they are stuck or get things wrong from time to time. This will lead to more confidence in my opinion, resulting in being more open to learning.

5. A loving education: teachers dont tend to comfort, cuddle their pupils etc. If mummy was the teacher however,  this could be a real confidence booster.

6. Reducing bad influences: in state schools (more so at secondary level) there are many students who take part in drugs, underage sex, alcohol, smoking etc. (Probably to fit in) this is less likely to happen with a HE child as they don’t attend a school with a hierarchy system among pupils. They tend to mix with other HE students and children from extra curricular activities.

7. Chosen subjects: the child can pick their subjects. Obviously English and maths are essential but they can add as many subjects onto that foundation. For instance, most state schools don’t teach Mandarin (the most spoken language in the world) yet a homeschooled child could learn this if they wanted to.

8. One-to-one learning: the child will have one teacher,  a teacher who whole heartedly cares about their education, happiness and success. As their teacher and their mother I would be 100% aware of what they were learning and how well they were progressing.

9. Reduced bullying: it is extremely unlikely they will experience being bullied by other pupils… or teaching staff (yes it does happen!)

10. Fun times: because they aren’t sharing their learning time with 29 other children they don’t need to study for 5/6 hours a day, which means more time to have fun and have quality family time! More time to enjoy the great outdoors,  read books, visit museums,  cook and so on.. and guess what? They still learn by having fun! By having fun with their loved ones, it will cement family bonds for the present and future.

So they were my top 10 reasons why I want to homeschool. There are probably different reasons for different families. However, these were particularly important to me. I hope this has helped people understand more about some of the reasons people might choose to homeschool.

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